4 Ways that American Islam is More Feminist than American Christianity

Portrait of a Muslim couple laughing. Person on the left appears to be a Brown man with facial stubble, medium-length dark hair, a loose gray short-sleeve shirt overtop a white fitted long-sleeve shirt, gray plaid capri pants, and a patterned scarf. Person on the right appears to be a Black woman wearing a gray button-up abaya and an orange headscarf overtop a tighter patterned head wrap. Person on the left has their arm around the shoulders of person on the right. The couple is sitting on a dark green sofa with throw pillows. The background is brick wall painted white. Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels.

I’ve been very curious about Islam for the past year or so. I’m particularly fascinated by Muslim women’s issues.

I think it began when I heard Mona Haydar’s music. I followed her and watched talks she gave. I heard her explain how hijab, for her, was a daily reminder that she was more than a body, that she was a spiritual being.



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