$175,000 Student Loans for My BA in Psychology

Image has roughly photoshopped elements on a solid blue background. The elements include: a calculator with “1234567890” typed on it (center); five United States 100-dollar bills (right of calculator); four keys on a ring (up-right of bills); a mug (mid-right of bills); a right hand resting on a surface (thumb and fingers on top of bills, wrist below them); illustrations of three sheets of paperwork, overlaid, middle sheet says “DEBT” and top sheet says “CREDIT” (just left of calculator); and a left hand holding a pen as if signing the paperwork (overlaid and below the illustrations). Photo by Monstera from Pexels.

The Reality

Okay, that title’s a little misleading. I actually took out around $125,000 in loans for my bachelors, but with interest it turned into around $175,000 by the time I was in repayment. With a generous lump sum from my parents and over two years of $931/month payments, the current balance is…



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